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Welcome to the Belmont Communications web site.


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Professional 2-Way Radio Store


Visit our professional online two-way radio catalogue to purchase an ever increasing range of 2 way radio equipment from manufacturers such as Motorola, Icom, Entel, Kenwood & more.  The offering is constantly being updated and we can provide you with a full spectrum of quality products from our portfolio.  Whether you need a single battery for a Motorola GP300, or require a complete outfit of transceivers, chargers & accessories - the Belmont Radio Supermarket is the place to be!


Our business is professional 2-Way Radio equipment.

RADIO: We hire and sell two way radios, as well as a wide range of accessories, many of which can be ordered directly from this web site.

The web site also includes a Radio Hire Cost Calculator and resources on a variety of equipment and accessories. However, if you require further information and can't find it on the site, please contact us with your requirements.

As a main dealer for Entel UK Ltd, we can offer an excellent selection of modern radios and accessories for both land-based & marine applications.  The range covers the latest submersible HT Series radios - from the HT640 Marine VHF to the HT720 / HT780 (VHF / UHF) and the ATEX approved intrinsically safe HT920, HT940 & HT980 transceivers. The more advanced HX400 series (HX410 Low Band VHF, HX420 VHF & HX480 UHF) offer the user a vast array of features normally available at twice the price, and the Eurowave PMR446 which is a firm favourite with the license-free radio fraternity.  We are also approved dealers for Motorola, Icom and Kenwood which gives our customers access to a huge range of products and accessories in the fields of PBR portables, SRBR portables, PBR mobiles, Marine VHF, Airband and Amateur (Ham) Radio.

If you wish to purchase two-way radio equipment or accessories, the following pages will give you all you require (including prices) to allow you to make an informed choice.  Quantity discounts may also be available - please contact us.

If you wish to hire radios for short or long term business, be assured that our radio hire fleet is comprised of some of the most modern equipment currently available, including the HX590, a transceiver which has been a great success over the competition which is often twice its size and price.

CCTV Belmont Communications Ltd are now manufacturing a bespoke in-vehicle digital recording sytem which can be tailored to suit customers needs - the VICAR system. The principle use of the VICAR has been to provide non-traffic blue light vehicles (police training cars etc) with an inexpensive alternative to that which is currently deployed in their patrol cars. Click for more information.

Belmont Communications Ltd also supply a range of standard CCTV equipment suitable for business installations. We will only sell you a system or components which you will recognise as a brand and we will not try to merge the costs of supply, installation and maintenance together to hide the intrinsic value of the goods. Click here to view our on-line range of CCTV equipment.


The On-Line shop currently contains the following products (Click model for quick-link):

Motorola VHF: CP040, GP320, GP340, GP360, GP380, GP344, GP388GM340, GM360, GM380
Motorola UHF: CP040, GP320, GP340, GP360, GP380, GP344, GP388XTN446, GM340, GM360, GM380
Motorola Accessories: Batteries, Chargers, Speaker/Mic's, Headsets, Cases, Antenna's, Desktop, Misc.

Icom VHFIC-F12, IC-F15, IC-F3, IC-F31, IC-F34, IC-M87, IC-F110, IC-F510, IC-F1610
Icom UHFIC-4088SR, IC-F22SR, IC-F22, IC-F25, IC-F4, IC-F41, IC-F44, IC-F210, IC-F610, IC-F2610
Icom MarineIC-M31, IC-M1euroV, IC-M87, IC-M401, IC-M421, IC-M503, IC-M510, IC-M601, IC-M802
Icom AirbandIC-A3E, IC-A22E, IC-A6E, IC-A6E Pro, IC-A24E, IC-A24E Pro, IC-A110
Icom HamIC-706MKIIG, IC-718, IC-7400, IC-756PROII, IC-910H, IC-T3H, IC-E90, IC-207H, IC-2100H, IC-2725E
Icom ReceiversIC-PCR1000, IC-R3, IC-R5, IC-R20, IC-R9000L.
Icom Accessories: Batteries, Chargers, Speaker/Mic's, Headsets, Cases, Antenna's, Misc

Entel VHF: HX590, HX591, HX410, HX420, HT720, HT820, HT920 (ATEX)

Entel UHFHX590, HX591, HX480, HT446, HT780, HT880, HT980 (ATEX), Eurowave, EuroCom

Entel MarineHT640, HT840, HT940 (ATEX)
Entel Accessories: Batteries, Chargers, Speaker/Mic's, Headsets, Cases, Antenna's, Misc

Kenwood VHFTK-270, TK-280, TK-2140, TK-2160

Kenwood UHF: TK-3101, TK-370, TK-380, TK-3140, TK-3160
Kenwood Accessories: Batteries, Chargers, Speaker/Mic's, Headsets

Standard TransceiversHX390, HX390(IS)

Standard Accessories: Batteries, Chargers, Speaker/Mic's, Headsets, Cases, Antenna's, Misc





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